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Parked at Night

Join us, Friday, February 10th for Parked at Night! This event is free and open to all (couples with kids, singles, couples without kids, dating couples, etc) who would like to join! The evening will be a fun time of food, fellowship, and teaching on the topic of communication and conflict.
Click the image to the right to RSVP- we want to make sure we have enough dinner for all!

Men's Fellowship group

Our men's fellowship group will start back up on January 6th. The men will be meeting every other Friday from 6:30am-8:00am to discuss Paul Tripp's "Do You Believe?". Men of all age are invited and encouraged to join for this time of fellowship and encouragement.

one on one discipleship!

At Union Church, we place a high value on discipleship. We believe that it is not just the job of pastors or church staff to do the work of the ministry, but rather, that each member of Jesus’ church is to be equipped to build the kingdom (Eph. 4:11-13).

In our One-on-One discipleship, you will meet with one of the men or women in the church for fellowship, care, and training in the scriptures and ministry. Together, we work through our discipleship manual, a book of 13 lessons digging into foundational biblical doctrines.

If you are interested in learning more about discipleship, click on the image to the left and fill out the contact form. 

If you call Union Church your home,
here are a few ways you can be involved:


Ask Jesus for continued growth and grace. It is our desire to see many people saved and many disciples made. Ask the Holy Spirit to begin softening the hearts of those he will draw to our church. Pray for Spirit empowerment and vision for leadership. Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest that he would build laborers at UC for his harvest (Matt. 9:38).


Much goes into preparing for Sunday services: Union Kids, Set Up / Tear Down, Hospitality, Audio / Visual, Music Team, Prayer Team, and more. We cannot do this effectively without the sacrificial service of our people. If UC is your home, and you have not entered into serving yet, we ask you to do so - there’s plenty of areas you are needed!


When the church grows, financial growth  usually lags behind people growth. But more people means more ministries, more needs, and more staffing. As Jesus became “poor for our sake, so that by his poverty we might become rich” (2 Cor. 8:9) so he calls us as his people to live generously like him. Again, if UC is your home, we ask that you would give sacrificially and cheerfully (2 Cor. 9:6-9).


We all have people in our lives that need to meet Jesus and enter into vibrant, healthy community. Think of a few people you want to invite, begin praying for them, then make the ask and trust God with the results.
Thank you for being part of Union Church. Jesus has established an incredible Gospel witness in our city, and is using you to build his body, accomplish his mission, and advance his kingdom. We trust him to continue the work he has started among us.