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Acts (Current Series)

Current Series: The Book of Acts

Join us every Sunday at 10:00am as we dive through the rich text of the book of Acts.  We will be focusing primarily on the work of Jesus in the early church as we look at the Acts of the Risen Lord.

Easter Weekend (April 2021)

Habakkuk (February - March 2021)

Ruth (January 2021)

Christmas (December 2020)

First John (September - November 2020)

Second Peter (July - September 2020)

Easter (April 2020)

First Peter (March - July 2020)

Jonah (February - March 2020)

The Church (January - February 2020)

Christmas (December 2019)

Proverbs (September - December 2019)

Easter (April 2019)

John (April 2018 - September 2019)

Christmas (December 2018)

Guest Speakers

Miscellaneous Sermons