download the 1-year bible reading plan


You might be surprised at how little time it actually takes to read through the Bible. If you were to read it aloud, it would only take 78 hours to read from  cover to cover.  If you read it silently, it should take about 55 hours. Reading through your bible in a year will take about 10-15 minutes a day. Imagine what even a small reallotments of time would do in growing your knowledge of and relationship with God.

Bible reading is critical for knowing Jesus, what he has done, what he continues to do today, and what he calls you to as a member of his family. Don’t underestimate daily time in Scripture. Yes, there will be distractions. Temptations to drift will certainly come. Life gets busy, and unforeseen issues seem to constantly surface. Regularly reading God’s word is not easy. In fact - it is a spiritual battle. But God has called you to it.  

Scripture is God’s means for us to know, love, and glorify Him. Scripture is God’s means for us to receive joy, assurance, and boldness for life. Scripture is God’s means for us to be conformed into the image of the Lord Jesus. Christian - purpose in your heart to read the Bible in 2023. Plan ahead, pray ahead, and ask God to use this daily time in his word for your growth and good, and for his glory in and through your life.